Mikah is a Raider of the Hades Division faction.

Biography Edit

Traveling as a stowaway, Mikah always had exciting adventures, and she'd earned enough dough to last her for a while. What Mikah never imagined when she sneaked onto the Hades Division's transport craft "Espanto" was that she would end up running aground in the furthest confines of the galaxy, mixed up in a fierce war between factions. No problem. If there was one thing that Mikah did well, that was surviving. Equipped with her "Echo" holograph device, Mikah would not only make it out alive, but she’d get out very rich too.

Skill Edit

Holographic Projector Edit

Mikah uses a holographic projector to transmit a copy of her own image, a decoy that attracts the attention of her enemies. Mikah can switch positions with her holographic doppelgänger at any time, sowing confusion among enemy ranks, and allowing her to slip out of tight spots unnoticed.

Weapon Edit

Mikah’s weapons of choice are the old yet reliable automatic rifles. She has obtained most of her arsenal through payment for various black-market deals. The high rate of fire of these weapons is fearsome in the short to mid range. However over longer distances they are less effective.

Overview Edit

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