Alicia is a Raider from the Umbra Wardogs faction.

Biography Edit

Alicia and her friends admired General Marmalade and enthusiastically embraced the addiction to Aleph plasma that he proclaimed. But one day it went too far and Alicia decided to leave the General. When she went back for her friends, she was assaulted by a horde of Aleph fueled subhuman abominations who got in her way. When it was all over, she realized she had killed what was left of her old comrades.

Skill Edit

Wall Jump Edit

Alicia has superhuman agility. Her power allows her to perform incredible leaps and jumps, propelling herself from walls to great vantage points. She is able to gain considerable height by performing several jumps in a row, allowing her to access out of reach places. Once she is in the air, she can slow her fall by aiming her weapon, allowing her to spread chaos beneath her.

Weapon Edit

Alicia uses repeating shotguns. They have a severe lack of accuracy but a high rate of fire. Shots have a wide dispersion too, making these a wonderful mid-range weapon that doesn't require much precision but can deliver devastating short burst damage.

Overview Edit

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